About the Foundation

In reaching the 25th anniversary of Wosskow Brown Solicitors the Partners have decided to create a charitable foundation to formalise the commitment the business has given to local communities and individuals over many years. This formalisation of a structured programme is to ensure that the Foundation actively attracts those who will benefit the support programmes that the Foundation will provide. Previously this happened in an ad hoc way.

The main purpose of The Wosskow Brown Foundation is ‘To provide practical help, inspiration and opportunities for people to reach their ambitions’ in a way that changes people’s lives for the better, improves their community and economy, and creates jobs.

This will be delivered through practical programmes of support which will enable organisational and individual development.

A Message From Our Founders

When we founded Wosskow Brown in 1989, we received the support of various people and businesses. Perhaps what surprised us was the altruistic nature of people who were willing to give up their time to talk to us and help us.

Consequently, the culture at Wosskow Brown has always been to look at ways to assist a client holistically, rather than trying to deal with a single issue. This approach continues to this day.In the present age, it is increasingly difficult for businesses, charities, social enterprises, sports clubs and people to find that support. The world is getting smaller, more complex and, consequently, more competitive.

So, how do we continue to help these enterprises?

We wanted an organisation which was not-for-profit and whose main purpose is to help these enterprises to grow and develop to the next level. It was not something that it would do alone but with the help of ‘partners’ and the business community in Sheffield and beyond.

We are therefore very proud to introduce The Wosskow Brown Foundation. The vision is simple - to help these enterprises in all the ways it knows how; to help grow and support them. We have no doubt that it will bring out the best of the business community.To our partners, who are willing to give up their time to work with these enterprises, we value your support greatly and look forward to working with you to bring the vision to life.

To those of you who are part of the Foundation program, we welcome you and hope that you will at some point in the future look to support the good work of the Foundation.

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